Dining: California

FreeImages.com/PatHermanIn total, we’ve been to California four times. During none of those short trips did any of us stay in one part of the state long enough to try multiple restaurants, so the list of allergy-accommodating restaurants, lounges, bars, and bakeries below is a comprehensive “California” list.

It would be nice to head back to California enough times so that we can expand and separate this list into Napa Valley, Los Angeles, etc. That way, depending on where you are, you’ll be able to search the list and find a great place near you. But for now, here is a short list of some fantastic places we’ve tried in California where food allergies didn’t hold us back.

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Vendor Type of Food Allergy/Intolerance Info Fun Stuff
Bistro Jeanty (Napa Valley) French Bistro Accommodates gluten-free
Mastro’s (Los Angeles) Steakhouse Accommodates gluten-free
The Stonehouse (Santa Barbara) American Very careful with food allergies, offers amazing gluten-free bread The gardens!

Remember to always double-check allergy information before ordering, as menus/ingredients/recipes often change.

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