Interview: Bobo’s Oat Bars

Bobo's logoAn interview with Beryl Stafford, Founder

1) Why did you decide to make all your bars gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO?

Oats carry a fantastic nutritional benefit that requires no sacrifice in taste. Similarly, our expeller-pressed vegan oil blend actually bakes superior to butter, so there is no functional sacrifice in baking vegan, and consumers who avoid dairy get the additional allergen-free benefit. Non-GMO answers a core US consumer concern around the safety of the food technologies we embrace, and it is a core principle to Bobo’s.

2) How do you ensure that your oats are gluten-free? That is, how do you prevent cross-contamination?

Our oats are tested for gluten by a third party lab, and the finished baked product is also analyzed for under 10 ppm.

3) How will the company evolve over the next year?

This year we have a brand new team coming on board. We are making a significant investment in our sales and marketing and quality organization. We also plan to roll out a few more yummy Bobo’s flavors.

4) Has the gluten-free fad helped or hurt Bobo’s Oat Bars in recent years?

Consumers are shifting toward products that are inherently gluten-free, especially toward oat-based products. We have the advantage of baking great tasting baked oat bars that don’t have to rely on gluten-replacing flours like rice, tapioca, potato, etc. Those flours are nutritionally bankrupt, and oats are tastier and loaded with fiber.

5) A few very large gluten-free companies are based in Boulder, Colorado, where Bobo’s originated. What distinguishes Bobo’s from those other companies?

We are oat focused first, and our products happen to be gluten-free. Great taste is our #1 driver, and doing so in a gluten-free manner is a part of that mission (versus the mission of making gluten-free items and hoping that they taste good too).

6) What makes Boulder an ideal location for the headquarters of your company?

Lifestyle of health and wellness is intimately woven into the culture of Boulder, CO. Easy to find inspiration in our natural environment, and our employees bring that inspiration into their work life every single day. As an example, one employee rides her bike almost 15 miles each way to work from the farthest point in Boulder from our bakery.

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