Interview: Three Bridges

Three Bridges logoAn interview with Ryan Tu,  CEO of Three Bridges.

1) Tell me about the origin of Three Bridges.

Three Bridges products are created to satisfy the consumer’s desire to eat better within their busy meal routine. We believe in three core values: simple, honest, better. These principles inspire us to create foods that awaken the palate and feed the soul. Find yourself at the intersection of Three Bridges, where good living is deliciously easy.

2) Many people find it ironic that celiac disease is prevalent among Italians. How do you ensure that your gluten-free pasta will pass the taste-test of Italians who grew up eating pasta every Sunday? 

For over twenty years, we have been crafting the perfect al dente pastas made from durum and semolina flour, eggs, and water. In our search to create a gluten-free counterpart, our Research & Culinary Innovation department developed hundreds of gluten-free pasta recipes before settling on one that perfectly matched traditional semolina pasta in texture, flavor, and color.

3) Why did you decide to introduce ravioli as your first gluten-free pasta offering?

There is a growing population that is beginning to understand more about the way gluten affects their bodies. Many enjoyed our ravioli and other pasta for years—some even their whole lives—however no longer have the same options available as others, so we set out to change that. There are many out there who still love to eat pasta, but didn’t have an option that tasted like the real thing and wouldn’t be harmful to their bodies. With limited refrigerated gluten-free options, we sought to fill that void with gluten-free ravioli that taste just like the real thing.

4) How do your gluten-free ravioli compare with your other ravioli offerings, both nutritionally and taste-wise?

Three Bridges Gluten-Free offerings are made with al dente corn and rice pasta compared to durum flour and semolina flour in our traditional ravioli. Through countless iterations and Research and Development testing, our chefs have ensured that the taste and texture of our gluten-free ravioli is indistinguishable from our traditional offerings.

5) Is Three Bridges planning to expand into other allergen-free pasta as well, such as dairy-free? 

Some of our existing products are already dairy-free, including our organic, fresh-cut Spaghetti, Fettuccine, and Pappardelle. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing nut-free and gluten-free offerings. Our ravioli does not contain nuts nor is it made on the same equipment as nut products. In addition, our Pesto and Heirloom Marinara sauces are also gluten-free.

6) Can we expect to see additional Three Bridges gluten-free pasta offerings in the future? 

Here at Three Bridges, we are always looking for new flavors that our customers can enjoy. Expect new exciting flavors to come out in the near future.

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