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Kaitlin Puccio

A celiac disease diagnosis was the catalyst behind Kaitlin’s mission to improve her overall health. The Celia Kaye brand was initially founded in order to share Kaitlin’s experiences with others who might suffer from a similar affliction. Her aim was to educate and spread awareness about celiac disease by analyzing what she learned from researchers and doctors, and spreading that information to others in a thorough, accessible way. She began to share her experience as a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

After noticing that eating gluten-free didn’t necessarily equate to eating healthy, Kaitlin began to look more closely at the food she was consuming. How many ingredients should really be in cheese before it stops being actual cheese? How is that dried fruit bar processed? What sort of life did this chicken live? Over time, Kaitlin changed the way that she ate in such a way that accommodated not only her need to eat gluten-free, but in a way that was better for her overall health–and better for the health of the environment.

Kaitlin started applying this same level of scrutiny to other aspects of her life: cosmetics and skincare products, cleaning products, and the amount of visual noise by which she was surrounded in her home. Over time, Kaitlin was able to get back to eating “real,” single-ingredient food, reduce the amount of chemicals she used on both her skin and her countertops, and declutter her mind by scaling back to owning only those material goods that served a purpose.

Living a well-edited life doesn’t mean eating blandly, having a lone chair in an otherwise empty living room, or poring over food labels all day long. When done correctly, it is feasible and sustainable. Celia Kaye is here to help edit.

Kaitlin is a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and certified mat Pilates instructor.