Allergies & Celiac

Four Waffles and a Pancake


To Celiac and Beyond

Gluten Isn’t Bad–I Just Can’t Have It

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Tips for Managing Food Allergies on Holidays

Top 10 Tips for Helping Kids Cope With Celiac Disease

The Adventures of Celia Kaye

Talking to Kids About Celiac

Celiac Disease and Addiction

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You Are What You (Wh)eat

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The Four Noble Truths of Celiac

The Gluten-Free Fad and the Logical ‘Or’

Tips for Balancing Relationships When You Join the Celiac CircusásMihály

Think Your Pet Has a Food Allergy?

The Language of Gluten-Free

Ethics of Gluten-Free

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I Am Not My Treatment: A Disease Overshadowed by Glutenspeak

6 Surprising Results of Going Gluten-Free

Balancing An Allergen-Free Diet With An Office Job

3 Things We Can Learn About Celiac Disease From Italians

The Allergy Train

3 Ways I’m Not the Perfect Gluten-Free Girl

Gluten-Free? Awkward!

Knowledge vs. Understanding in the World of Gluten

The Cost of Gluten-Free

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3 Things You Thought Would Change By Going Gluten-Free

No Cookie For You

Gluten-Free? So No Potatoes

4 Ways Giving Up Gluten Improved My Life

3 Misconceptions About Being Gluten-Free I Had as a Beginner

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Gluten-Free Intolerance

A Guide to Gluten-Free Etiquette

The Six Most Frustrating Places in NYC If You’re Gluten Free

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The Other Kind of Green Thumb

Another New Year, Another Diet Resolution…

What I Wish I’d Known About Celiac Before I Learned I Had It

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