All About Celia Kaye

celia-01Celia Kaye is a lifestyle brand created by writer-filmmaker Kaitlin Puccio, whose articles on her experience with gluten sensitivity have been published on MindBodyGreen and the Huffington Post, have been translated into Italian, Portuguese, Estonian, and Finnish, and have been featured on Huff Post Italy, Brasil Post, Huff Post India, LA, Huff Post Lifestyle UK, Healthy LivingStyleGreenFoodTaste, and Huff Post Canada Living. Kaitlin has written a forthcoming children’s book on celiac and gluten sensitivity for Celia Kaye. She can be heard discussing her work on the UK-based GFree Radio Show, and can be seen on HuffPost Live and

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No one would ever say “just try one cashew” to someone with a severe nut allergy, so why do they say “just take one bite” to people with wheat allergies? Read more…