Celia Kaye Health

Living gluten-free

Before there was Celia Kaye Lifestyle, there was Celia Kaye Health, which initially focused on celiac disease and gluten-free living, and later expanded to include SIBO. After our founder, Kaitlin, was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012, she began working to spread awareness, further research, and help others cope with the disease by sharing her experience. She worked with several organizations, university celiac centers, and brands to highlight the options available for those living gluten-free, and researched celiac-friendly camps, colleges, and restaurants globally. She also collaborated with national and international celiac disease associations, and conducted and published interviews with dozens of gluten-free food, cosmetics, and skincare companies before expanding her focus to include all food allergies and intolerances.

Kaitlin is also the author of the children’s book “The Adventures of Celia Kaye,” was formerly a regular contributor to The Huffington Post under the pseudonym Celia Kaye, and has written for several additional publications including The Guardian, Tuck Magazine, Forth Magazine, Chronogram Magazine, The Baby Spot, and MindBodyGreen. Her work has been translated into French, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Estonian, and Spanish.

Below are some organizations with which Celia Kaye Health collaborated.

Children’s National
Girl Scouts
Boulder Brands