The Six Most Frustrating Places in NYC If You’re Gluten-Free

CupcakeIn New York City, food is everywhere. Street fairs, restaurants, parks—it’s hard to stay hungry if you’re walking around with a bit of cash in your pocket. If you’re gluten-free, you’re options are a bit more limited, but the temptation remains. Here are the six most frustrating…and tempting…places in NYC if you’re gluten-free.

1) Anywhere near a food cart with those amazing pretzels and hot dogs.

Especially in spring, these seem like the perfect nosh to accompany your walk down Museum Mile—convenient and ubiquitous, and completely forbidden.

2) Trying to find something to munch on in Central Park’s cafés.

Fries, burgers, sandwiches, croissants. All quick-and-easy, grab-and-go foods. Excellent for a stroll in Central Park. But no, not for you, gluten-free dieters. You get to choose from an apple, or a banana. How many bananas can you eat before going crazy?

3) The Plaza Food Hall is just a big tease!

But I keep going back, because it’s majestic. Luckily, there is a vendor that sells about seven different flavors of marshmallows, which are all gluten-free. I’ve suddenly become a big fan of marshmallows.

4) Crumbs Bake Shop.

Crumbs, where I used to sit with a cupcake and read my books for class, is now a distant memory. However! The very Crumbs where I used to study has become Crumbs Gluten-Free! I hope every day that soon, there will be a gluten-free option in every Crumbs Bake Shop around the city.

Also on the subject of cupcakes—visiting the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is not only a good way to feel like an awestruck tourist in your own city, but it dispenses a gluten-free option: red velvet. Better luck next time if you don’t like red velvet…

5) Two words: NYC Pizza. (Well, a word and an acronym.)

6) On your couch ordering takeout.

If you actually find a place that offers gluten-free options (they do exist, depending on where you live in the city), there is probably an additional $2.00 fee for the gluten-free bun/gluten-free pasta/gluten-free bagel. I get it, gluten-free foods are expensive. But my salary doesn’t increase just because I’m gluten-free. I’m ordering in because I want to relax, not set fire to my credit card. Give me a lettuce wrap instead.

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– Kaitlin Puccio